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One of your employees puts his tool box on the floor while he’s fixing a leak under a client’s sink. Someone trips over that tool box, falls and requires medical attention. Regardless of who is at fault you and your business may be held liable. It happens every day. Don’t be caught unprepared.

If you or your employees work with other people, perform work on other people’s property, or perform work at outside locations then general liability insurance is a must for your business. General liability insurance protects you from claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to the property of others.

Searle & Associates suggest general liability insurance if you or your employees:

  • visit a client’s place of work, or clients visit yours, or meet in a off-site third party facility.
  • have access to a client’s property and equipment. (i.e. a car care center, or a PC technician)
  • are required to have general liability insurance before entering into a contract.
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